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These questions were randomly chosen by people all over the internet who wanted to ask Taniya questions which she HAD to answer honestly. Here are her answers!


1.) Have you ever had a threesome?

A:) No.


2.) Can I slap your ass?

A:) Hell no


3.) How many piercings do you have?

A:) 7


4.) Are you single?

A:) No.


5.) What does it take for a man to get your attention?

A:) Well, he has to be attractive, but most of all I like a man who has his own. Meaning job, car, all of that. I like someone who is honest and trustworthy, who has a sense of humor because I am a giant goof ball.


6.) What happened with you and your last boyfriend?

A:) He was an asshole...NEXT!


7.) What size are you?

A:) A size 5/6


8.) Do you like girls? In THAT way?

A:) Lol...Do I?


9.) Where are you from?

A:) Oakcliff, but I stay in Desoto, TX


10:) Where are all your piercings?

A:) Ears, eyebrow, lip, tongue, and belly